Messengers of Ilbeor by T.J. Klapprodt

Messengers connect six races of the verdant and beautiful land of Ilbeor, and newly trained messenger Alanda feels the promise of her adult life as she steps into the world to find her fortune. Faithful dog Alis at her side, Alanda traverses the mountainous wilderness only to be punished by storm and sun before becoming the first elf-friend in generations. When she meets charming messenger Tostig and feels the spark of a connection unlike any sheā€™s ever known, she believes her life has truly begun.

After being greeted by tragedy and a brother changed by primal magics she does not understand, Alanda must travel the icy wastes with an unlikely companion to discover the answers to her brotherā€™s prophetic gifts and her own heritage. With only a mysterious artifact to guide her way, she knows only one thing: her entire destiny is about to change. In Tostigā€™s attempt to race to her side, he is waylaid by the mysterious Sashu toward his own changed future as powerful magician and a hand of the gods themselves.

As Alanda and Tostig uncover who they were fated to be, they learn the appearance of peace in Ilbeor is only given by the lack of outright warā€¦and when they each come to the attention of vengeful elven mage Altoneir, they stand to find out just how much they have to lose.

I had the absolute pleasure of reading this book, and it is justā€¦ so captivating. I will admit: I wasnā€™t sure if I would find it more than an enjoyable four-star read. I have never been more glad to be proved wrong. The world-building is incredible, and the characters are fleshed out and soĀ real. The plot moved at just the right pace; normally, with epic fantasy, I find myself skimming over large swathes of the narrative because itā€™s justĀ so muchĀ information all at once, or itā€™s dry and lifeless. But TJ Klapprodt handled it all so well, so carefully. She crafted such an intricate, beautiful story that kept me within its clutches from page one to the final word. If you like fantasy, if you like a story that draws you in immediately, then definitely read this.

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