Music is amazing. It speaks a language we all can understand, and it can speak volumes of who you are as a person. Music has been what I affectionately call my “best friend/biggest enemy” since I was a child. I’d spend hours in my bedroom with my stereo blasting as I wrote stories I’ll never remember. I’m pretty sure my mother should have invested in ear plugs. As it is, music is an enormous part of my everyday life (and my kids are slowly learning to love the same music I do. Yay, exposure therapy!).

Here, I’ll list songs (and occasionally add videos) to songs that inspire me while writing—or that I fixate on randomly!

Sleep Well, My Angel — We Are the Fallen

This song has such a beautiful melody, and I will listen to it on repeat for literally hours (if I didn’t think it would annoy my family). Carly Smithson’s voice is absolutely gorgeous. It really brings to life the emotions in this song, and it will always be in my top 10 favorites. This song is actually what I was listening to as I wrote one of the most important chapters of “Scars & Souvenirs”, and I truly hope you’ll understand why I chose this one for the first song on this list.

Listen here.

Moral of the Story — Ashe ft. Niall Horan

This song is one of my favorites (and not just because Niall sings in it). It’s honest, upfront, and relatable. Way relatable. We’ve all fallen in love with the wrong person at some point, and this song perfectly encapsulates the feelings of that situation. It’s amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Listen here.

Fuck Authority — Pennywise

(Sorry, Ma, for the cussing!). This is such a great song, and the hook has such a resounding message. We could really learn from it, honestly. 

(Plus, it drops the ‘f’ bomb. A lot.)

Listen here.

Red is the Rose — The High Kings

I’ve been on a huge Dropkick Murphys kick lately (they’re amazing), and Pandora has been playing a LOT of the High Kings in the rotation. This is the very first song that came on, and I listened to it—no lie!—seventeen times in a row. It’s such a beautiful song, and I’m so glad I ever heard it.

Listen here.

Maybe This Time — Liza Minnelli

I first heard this song on Schitt’s Creek, and I fell in love with Stevie’s rendition and immediately checked out the original. Plus, I really love Liza’s voice. She’s incredibly talented, and this song is just… gorgeous.

Listen here.

If I Ever Leave This World Alive — Flogging Molly

This song is utterly gorgeous in its simplicity. Flogging Molly is such a great band (and from Ireland, so win-win), and I don’t think they have one song I don’t like. This one, though, is my absolute favorite (for now).

Listen here.

Mordred’s Lullaby — Heather Dale

The song is a twist on the King Arthur/Morgana le Fay legend. Sung from Morgana’s perspective, it tells of her views of King Arthur and his reign, and her plans for vengeance. It’s hauntingly beautiful and very much an earworm. 

Listen here.

Alyssa Lies — Jason Michael Carroll

The song is a painful listen, but gosh, do I love it. I listened to it (no lie) 20 times last night, and every time was just as beautiful as the last.  

Listen here.

Green Fields of France — Dropkick Murphys

I first heard the High Kings’s verion of this song, and then the DKM’s. And honestly? I really love them both, so I recommend them both, but this week, I’ll link to DKM. 

The song is utterly gorgeous, and it make me have feelings.

Listen here.